*January – Present*

Location: Halifax, N.S + Johnson, VT

Paperworks, Figurine, Pedestal, Drawings, Ceramics: paper, acrylic, latex, styrofoam, plaster, wood, clay

Hymn: “In councils, in assemblies, in kingdoms, in cities, in territories, in palaces, in towers, on land, on sea, everywhere, we triumph, we reign, we rule, we entice, we despoil, we rape, we betray, we extort, we deceive, we defraud and cheat. 1100-2017 

Bath, 24″ x 12 x 12″ IN

Casket for Colour Cult, 5″ x 10″ x 3″ IN clay, acrylic

Tigers I, 70″ x 56″ IN paper, acrylic, masonite

Brooches & Banners, 70″ x 56″ IN paper, acrylic, masonite, exhibited in Brooches & Banners

Exhibited in Fate’s Four Favours

‘Cloak Of Stars’ 61″x60″ IN Exhibited in Invisible Bright Touch

Invisible Bright Touch, Left: Bree Hyland, ‘Blue Hour’ Right: Ian Funke-McKay, Cloak of Stars

Invisible Bright Touch, Maquettes